Little snippets around my home…


If you follow me on instagram, these will be familiar to you. I have painted my den’s wall black and hung my Ikea picture ledges and floating shleves. That gold frame which holds my degree, is from the goodwill. I’ve been going there often with hopes of finding ornate frames to paint. My luck hasn’t been that great. So the styling of this is temporary…


I spent a portion of Saturday making spring themed gift bags for my niece and god-daughter. The gold metallic tape is being used to create faux molding as blogged about here in an art deco style. I’m not done…but Saturday was almost 60 degrees and warm weekend weather trumps house decorating any day. Lol so I wasn’t as productive because I was out and about. But I can’t wait for the end result.


This lies an issue. Originally I wanted a gallery wall in the dining area. The trick with grouping art is ensuring there is some level of cohesiveness. All of my frames vary which would be fine if they were all one color. They’re not. The mats within the frames are different. It’s just too much going on and visually, it’s heavy. I want to simplify a bit. I am going to either paint all of the frames black and see if that helps. If not, I may end up selling some and starting fresh. I really love the african vibe but I also adore black and white photography. So this will be changing. And that bakers rack will be turned into a huge bar cart.


Since I don’t wear these anymore, figured they would look better as bookends.


A lil glimpse at my coffee table. Items from Kohl’s, Z Gallerie, TjMaxx and the goodwill. I suggest everyone keep remote controls on trays…


Since my den/office is black, white and gold I want to start bringing black and white into my living space. For starters, that jar I scored on clearance from my beloved tarsjay. Jars can store so many things from batteries, nails, matches. I will be purchasing some black & white pillows I saw and making a zebra print faux cowhide rug.


Finding cobalt blue spraypaint has been a beast but I found some pretty abstract art from Target (above) that I want to get. So I think I will spray paint my remaining decor in mint and turquoise and juat buy regular cobalt blue paint to transform smaller items. I’ll keep you posted…

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  1. GrayLivin' says:

    Very nice! I love what you did with shoe. That’s a good idea.


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