The Great Cabinet Debate Part II: choosing a kitchen cabinet style

In part I of the Great Cabinet Debate, we discussed choosing cabinets that fit your kitchen’s design and style. In part II we’ll be taking a closer look at the different aesthetic elements of kitchen cabinet styles that you’ll want to consider when choosing new cabinets for an interior remodeling project in the kitchen.   Basic kitchen cabinet aesthetics include the cabinet’s design style, color, and finish.   Kitchen cabinet design styles.   Design style more or less refers to the shape of your kitchen cabinet doors and drawers, although finish and color both influence style as wl.   Shaker-style cabinets are one of the most common cabinet types, characterized by a picture-frame inset on the front panel of the door. Shaker style easily adapts to look of most kitchen and home design styles, making it popular for open floor plans, transitional homes, and universal


  Flat-panel cabinets have a flush or flat door panel that creates a seamless design and surface in the kitchen. This style is used almost exclusively in modern kitchens and frequently in contemporary designs as well. The hinges are mounted inside the cabinet box as opposed to the outside, so the cabinet doors create a sleek, clean, and continuous look in the kitchen.


    Traditional cabinets come in a range of various styles but can be identified by their often ornate detail work that gives them a refined, elegant look. Traditional cabinets are very beautiful and add a lot of texture and visual interest to a space


  Choosing a cabinet finish and color.   A cabinet’s finish should match the overall aesthetic you’re working to create in your kitchen. Highlighting the natural grain of the wood or choosing a solid, neutral color are both universal choices that will match any kitchen style for years to come.


A modern finish is characterized by high sheen and a smooth surface, which may be stark white, a single bright color, or the wood’s natural grain. Traditional finishes often consist of deep, rich wood tones and distressed surfaces.


Cabinet paint or stain colors should be chosen based on the surrounding materials and the ones you want to highlight. If you want to draw attention to the cabinets themselves, you may choose a bright color or sleek finish. But if you want beautiful marble countertops or a brightly colored backsplash to take center stage in your kitchen, choose a cabinet color, finish, and style that allows the cabinets to fall into the background instead.   Glass cabinet door inserts.   Glass door inserts are an issue of both function and fashion in the kitchen. They show off your beautiful tableware and other kitchen items as part of your kitchen’s décor while still keeping them protected and making them easy to locate


    Just like kitchen cabinets themselves, glass inserts come in a variety of styles and textures to match the overall style of any kitchen. However, glass doors aren’t for messy or disorganized kitchens. They won’t let you hide the contents of your cupboard, and they tend to collect fingerprints faster too.  

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  1. Jane Roarski says:

    These are some great kitchen design ideas. Thank you for sharing.


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