If I could change 1 Thing about this living room…



You ever see a room you love but there’s one thing that irks your soul or something you don’t favor? Well usually I won’t blog about a room I dislike. I use this blog to compile all ideas I do enjoy and if a space isn’t my aesthetic, I may pinpoint what I DO like but I try not to be negative and slam anyone’s design if I dislike because design is subjective. There are times I see a room and won’t blog about it because I am sick of sea urchins in decor. But the room is too fab not to…so I decided on a new series “If I could change 1 thing”….

With that said, this room is nice. Love the pillows and how the turquoise compliments the leopard. What I would change? The rug. I am down for mixing patterns but with the sofa, rug and art…I feel it’s too much competing for attention. I like them separate but not together so I would keep the art and sofa & opt for a rug with more of a subtle design. What would you change?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Patricia Malcolm says:

    I’d omit the leopard couch!


  2. GinaJ says:

    I have to agree with you here. This room is great but the rug breaks one of the major design principles. There is no link at all between the rug and any other element in the room, so even the pattern in the rug cannot relate with anything else. Take the rug away and it’s fabulous!


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