Tuesday’s Tips: Picture Lights not just for pictures…..


When placing art in your home, the best thing you can do is properly illuminate the piece so that it can be appreciated in the best light. There are a few ways to do this, one being back lighting. This modern take is my personal fav. It also looks hip and cool if a built-in has back lighting. Here are some examples.


Love this purple illuminated collection display.



Halogen lights cast the purest white light which are said to be idea for illuminating most art. But they generate heat so they need to be placed far away enough to not affect it.


Fluorescent lights have damaging ultraviolet rays and can not only cause art to fade, it distorts the color and just isn’t visually appealing. Far as I’m concerned, no one should use those bulbs as they aren’t flattering at all.


Picture lights hang directly above the painting and sometimes are attached to the actual frame. Slimline picture lights are typically used on more contemporary art. The cheapest I saw in a quick google search was $24 on Amazon and even cheaper at Ikea. But that can add up quick if you have a ton of art or a gallery wall.


Track lighting has the most flexibility because it holds multiple bulbs and can light multiple pieces of art. Recessed lighting is another subtle option and can work best if placed in a wall niche or within built-in shelves where art will be placed.


Spotlights and uplights are typically placed in front and angled to reflect light upward. The reasoning is because it’s less noticeable. I also like setting them in front of faux trees and large plants or along the perimeters of a  room for clients. Doing this casts beautiful shadows on the wall when main lighting sources are dimmed. I also like the idea of placing them in front of decorative screens that have lattice styled designs.




You can use them for bookshelves, closets even drawers.

Check out a great variety for a good price point with {Ikea’s Picture Lights}. More specific tips can be found over on the DIY Network.

{Images via Desire to Inspire,here, & here and here


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