Decided on using sheers to dress up the windows of my new place…


{Designers Tony Ingrao and Randy Kemper Photo: Nikolas Koenig}

One thing any designer or person knows is purchasing window treatments doesn’t come cheap. You can easily eat a lot of the budget by dressing the windows and although it’s important, it’s not one of my favorite things to spend money on. I moved into a new place that has the standard vertical blinds. Yes, it looks clean from the outside but it’s so……dated. I am not going to take them down however I want to cover them up without having to see them at all. If I use a heavy drapery like I’m used to, I’d be forced still have the verticals visible. The only way getting around it is to have sheers in the middle of panels. So I might as well just have sheers only.


Sheers can look old timey if not done right and I personally despise the look of pleated curtains. I prefer to hang hooks as it leaves a softer drape that I love. My mom put sheers over her shades in her bedroom with hooks and the way they fall is so romantic. Combined with extra long panels that puddle to the ground, you can create something so fresh, light and airy that allows you the privacy you need but not eliminating the flood of light that you want.


So after long debates, I realize the most cost effective thing for me to do is go with white sheers in both my living and den/office area.


 Which brings me to my question. Do you think curtains should have a unified look if you can see windows in different rooms from one area? I moved into a bigger place so the lovely curtains I had in my living room would look a bit odd if I put something different in the den which you can see from the living room.


I’m trying to move away from the dark mocha hues that once took over my living space and add pops of color. Though my accent walls are charcoal gray and black, and the main furniture is black, I need to keep accessories and windows as light as possible to not feel so heavy. I like the way light filters through sheers.





{Images by Design Shuffle, Coco Kelly, Bruce Willis, Designer Kevin Byrne, photo by Andy Suvalsky for Michigan Design, designer Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz of BNODesign, and here}

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  1. GrayLivin' says:

    I like the look of white sheers. It’s classic and clean and affordable. I brought a set from West Elm a few years ago and they held up nicely. I suggest keeping them unified. If the rooms are separated by a door then you can get away with using different color sheers. If not, I say use the same color in both rooms. I hope you plan to post pictures once you’re finished decorating. hint, hint.


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