Home tour with original moldings and modern furniture & art


Madrid-based architect Ignacio García de Vinuesa and interior designer Elisa Rodríguez salvaged original architectural details and married them with modern contemporary art and furniture in this home. Although I am tired of sea urchin decor, I am not tired of this light fixture. I’ve seen it before and think it’s such a show stopper.


The wood on the cabinetry is nothing short of gorgeous. Wow. Combined with black counters and herringbone floors, it makes for a very up to date space with architectural details to add character.




I love when the two styles blend because you can appreciate both and the details on the walls and ceiling is often missing in newer developments. That is why some feel contemporary homes are sterile and cold. Then you have those who feel the inside should stay true to the era in which a home was built. So how do you feel? Do you like to see marriages of styles within a home? Would you leave it at furniture selection but stop short of transforming a kitchen or bath into a modern oasis in…say an old Victorian?

{Images via Nuevo Estilo}

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