Tuesday’s Tips: Painting Pillows Tutorial


I want cobalt blue pillows….and I’m not paying over $100 for them. I am frugal and cannot justify paying $400 for four pillows. And when browsing a lot of these online stores….I see that price range more often than I’d like. Actually it isn’t uncommon to see pillows at $150 price range. As a matter of fact…

I’m not paying more than $40 per pillow and even then it’ll have to be something I am sure I won’t find at a cheaper cost at a chain retailer. I like to pick and choose where I spent hundreds of bucks and sorry, pillows ain’t it! But my problem is, I see a ton of turquoise, teal and mint hues but electric blue and cobalt gets virtually no love. And the few I found on etsy aren’t in stock any longer.


{Via remodelaholic}

What’s a girl to do? I thought about how you can paint fabric on sofas and chairs. So it got me wondering how it would be to paint pillows? Can you believe those above were spray painted? Have you tried this before?

{Here is E how’s tutorial & Real Simple’s Stencil Tutorial. First image via Desire to Inspire}

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