Remember when…I blogged about this living room? The rest of the penthouse is gorge


Here is the original image from the indulge daily post. I won’t be satisfied until I own a condo in the sky. It doesn’t have to be big just high up, near clouds, with a view. This is located on the 77th floor of the Trump tower. And if you have a little $12.5 million, it can be yours.


That view!! So dark, moody and beautiful.






I love most of the art through out the home. Shout out to Danielle of Gray Livin’ for the tip. Now that I know Mark Cunningham is the deaigner, I am definitely going to check out his portfolio.

{Via Home DSGN with architect Michael Gilmore and photos by Elliman}


2 Comments Add yours

  1. GrayLivin' says:

    I agree he has beautiful work. Would love to spend the weekend in the Penthouse. Thanks to the pics on your post a girl can dream!


  2. You can see that amazing view from everywhere almost. I’d be in heaven living there.. Needless to say the art is definitely one of my favorite things about this place. LOVE IT!!!


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