Corner gallery walls


A few examples of how to utilize a corner desk etc but still have your gallery wall….



Contemporary Home Office design by Denver Interior Designer O Interior Design


{Images via Apartment Therapy, Muriel Brandolini,  boutique la boheme}

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  1. Love this post…real inspiring as I am still buying art for my office. This office is the design death of me. I still need a rug, pillow and more art. Just add a shelf and plant this past weekend, so progress…but at a snails pace.


    1. Thats life/deaign for most of us. Majority ofnua don’t have thousands aside solely tondecorate. We collect things over time. It’s usually better as things are more meaningful. Tho time consuming….the end reault will be much sweeter 😉


  2. Sing says:

    Great idea. Never thought to carry a gallery wall from one wall to another.


  3. Vett says:

    love these walls with the frames and great blog! ❤


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