Indulge Daily 1.14.13


Is anyone else counting the days till Spring? Milwaukee teased us Friday with temps reaching 52….even at night. Quite lovely for a time period that’s usually sub zero. But with Sunday came 12 degree nights and a blanket of ice over the city that prevented car defrosters from clearing windows as usual. I KNOW it could be much worse as we haven’t had much snow like normal but still…I am over the cold. Sidenote: sorry for the lack of updates. Life got ahold of me…in a great way so I was a bit busy….enjoying it ;-).

{Via the Design Files Photo by Brooke Holm}

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  1. Angela says:

    This photo gives me life!! I can’t wait to entertain outdoors! I guess I can’t complain being in Texas. We’ll trade places once summer hits. It’s so brutal here. ps…have fun enjoying life! =)


    1. I’ve been to texas (dallas ft worth area) a handful of times because my sister/nephew & brother live there. I love the heat because it’s not humid just heat hot.


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