Quick & easy NYE party decor ideas…


Sorry I didn’t post this Friday like I intended. Good thing these ideas are very easy and things that can be done quickly…
Vases and stones from the Dollar Store and metallic duct tape or metallic wrapping paper (with double sided tape) wrapped around the vases can create an incredibly chic and festive floral arrangement. Group in 3’s and simply buy flowers from the grocery store. Using white flowers with white stones can create a simple monochromatic chic design. You don’t have to do this on every table but even just decorating the table with the food spread or beverage stations can add nice touches. Incorporating little disco balls keep the party theme going.


Edible glitter is great for cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, etc. It’s like confetti for food. Get some and even sprinkle on store bought goodies to jazz it up a notch.

Celebrations.com says “You can dress up a cheap bottle of sparkling wine with a secret ingredient. Vanilla! We add just a teensy, tiny drop of vanilla extract to each champagne flute, then top with bubbly. It softens the more bitter taste typical of cheaper bottles, so it becomes a pretty delicious sip!” 


Arrange food at varying heights on different plates and platters. Either use sturdy boxes or phonebooks under table cloths. This not only looks visually better, but it also makes it easier for people to reach stuff at the same time. Don’t feel like you have to get your guest full off food. NYE parties can start from 8 or 9 or even 10pm, so if it’s not in the budget, don’t feel bad about simply serving snacks and munchies. Keep several tables for food if you’re having a larger party that way, guests won’t fight the crowd to get to the food. Nothing worse than feeling hungry but not able to eat because making your way to the food table is more work than it’s worth. I felt that way once stuck on a crowded margarita boat cruise that offered all you can eat drinks and tacos/nachos. I never once got any food because it was impossible to walk to the table. Having a few set ups eliminates that problem.


Search online for free printables which makes napkins, straws etc look much more festive. Dollar store pillar candles and spray adhesive with glitter can create an easy DIY project that kids would love to help create. Craft stores like Michael’s sell cardboard letters and numbers you can also glitterize. Ink and a stamp pad can decorate balloons, napkins or anything else…obviously with the year 2013 LOL. And printing pictures on the computer and cutting in circles along with craft paper can add some fun confetti for the table…



Combine from your house as many clocks as you possibly can to place on a mantle or tablescape. Or simply incorporate them into the décor. Dry foilage can easily be spray painted black, white or metallic hues to place in vases. Add feathers for a retro look.


Use pipe cleaner and stickers so that kids can decorate their own disposable champagne glasses that they will sip from or set out glitter and rhinestones so they can decorate their own hats and masks and stay out of adults way. Maybe have a small gift bag to give to each guest upon arrival or simply place noise makers & confetti inside party hats. Have party tiaras for those who don’t want to mess up their hair.

I will do another Nye post by tomorrow. In mean time, please take a look at diy garland streamers inspiration.

{Images via Pottery Barn, Primary Petals, celebrations.com, sweetapolita, hostess with the mostess, hostess blog, whimsy decor,

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