Stylish Kids Toy Storage Solutions


One of the most inevitable truths for parents with kids is that they will always have lots of stuff all over the house. Kids are collectors. With birthday parties, holidays and showers they receive a lot and pile up a lot of stuff into the house. Kids always leave their toys anywhere. This can lead into a huge mess in your house if not well stored or taken care of. However, kids need the toys for play and development. Many parents find themselves wrestled down by the issue of storing kids things while at the same time maintaining a stylish space.

You can control all the mess by gathering it up after the kids, as you train them to do it by themselves, and organizing toy storage. There is actually a wide variety of kids storage solutions. Some of these solutions are much easier than you think.


Cardboard boxes present one of the simplest ideal ways for kids’ storage. In this case go for the tougher ones that will last longer. Since they are for kids, you must make them look attractive. You can for instance cover the boxes in gift wrapping paper to make them attractive. Alternatively use other colourful paper. Remember to also label the boxes so that the kids get to know which item goes where. Colour coding can be an interesting option too. In addition to the cardboard boxes, you can use plastic containers; which are even longer lasting. Such containers are ideal for storing small toys and tiny trinkets, which need easy accessibility. You can also try exploring with bags like those you carry to the market.


Shelving is also necessary as a way of neatly keeping the storage containers, boxes and bags. The shelf should be of a comfortable height for your kids, to enable them easily remove the containers and bags and put them back. You can even utilize the empty space around the windows with some built-in storage complete with drawers. Another perfect kids’ storage solution here is a chest of drawers. You can also have under the bed storage for your kids’ stuff. You can check this website for more information.


Getting some cubbies will look very stylish. Cubbies are very efficient and in most cases inexpensive. With the cubbies in place, you can then go ahead to separately purchase differently coloured, kids friendly, fabric bins.


For the kids’ playroom, you should use hanging storage so that you free up the floor space and encourage the kids to engage in creative play.


An unused nook position under the stairs can also be great storage for kids’ stuff. This can be a perfect place to stash your kids’ toys away when your guests arrive.


Once your kids are older than three, you should involve then in choosing the storage items they prefer as well as in deciding what goes where. This will enable the kids take ownership, helping keep the room sorted. If the kids have been involved in arranging things, they are more likely to adopt and keep up the arrangement. Teach your kids organization skills and make tidying fun.

{Other images: the links to diy cardboard transformations via thiscollage, AriannaBelle, & Overstock}

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  1. MOMMBY Mom says:

    Thank you for your toy storage tips. I love organizing with MOMMBY Storage Bags – – clear reusable zipper bags and then you can store the bags in baskets and bins and still have a stylish storage solution.


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