These images captures my life lately


I seriously need to carve more reading time. I bought a couple books and haven’t finished…some not even opened. That’s not like me…


Everyday I call myself piling mags next to my seat of choice and I never manage to get passed a few pages. That too is unlike me…


Though my bed reading isn’t this lavish…I can’t even read before bed cuz lately all I been doing is falling asleep. I will have every intention on just resting my eyes for 10 mins. Next thing I’s time to get up.


Lately I have been having such a weird craving for food. And no I am not pregnant. But I cook all the time so I justified going to get tacos, a slice of pizza and ice cream because I had a taste for them all. I end up getting tacos only. I don’t keep snacks at home outside of ben&jerrys because it’ll go to waste but at work is the worst. I just crave all sort of stuff. This.wont.end.well….


I also been writing my usual detailed to do lists but not much has been scratched off. That leaves me feeling unaccomplished and anxious as the lists get longer and longer. When I try to tackle them the days I am home in the evening, I end up falling asleep. Even with these unseasonably warm days (65 Monday, 58 yesterday..leaving downtown’s skating rink in water), I still have the case of the winter blues where I get tired way earlier than normal. In the summer I can stay gone all day and night but now I am in hibernating mode. Not that much hibernating will get done considering how packed my December will be. I still haven’t put up my tree!

What do you do to get out of ruts?

{Images via Apartment34, Stephanie Sterjovski

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