Tuesday’s Tips: The Best Fabric for Kids and Pets


Have you ever fallen in love with a sofa or couch but got worried that it will be destroyed by your kids or pets? Kids and pets are a great factor to consider when choosing the fabric for your sofa and other household furniture and fittings. Imagine what would happen to your sofa if you had your kids and pets playing on it. Your kids will spill food on the couch as well as step on it with dirty feet. The pets on the other hand will destroy your couch in a number of ways, among them shedding their hair on the couch’s fabric. Pets are known for their shedding. If you allow pets on your couch, you will soon find a layer of fur on your cushions. This should however not cramp your style. You can alleviate this problem by simply getting kid and pet friendly fabric for your sofa.

Ultra suede is considered by many as the best kid & pet friendly fabric. Other fabrics considered good for kids and pets are microfibers and leather. Man-made fibers such as olefin and polyesters, with a tight weave works well too because they are washable. Such fibers can be popped into washing machine whenever needed.

A leather sofa or couch will have your pet’s hair slide off the fabric, thus making it easy to clean. However, some pets can ruin some leather fabrics with their claws. It’s for this reason that you should get thick, high quality leather. It’s also advisable to avoid leather sofa or couch, if your pet enjoys chewing leather objects.

Another material that is easy to clean is denim. Denim is rugged and is easily cleaned. Denim comes in various colours.Choose untextured, plain fabric, and your pet’s hair won’t stick on your couch. You can go ahead to spruce up your plain couch with throw pillows or other decorative. However, if you have the kind of pets that do not shed too much hair, you can go for faux suede. These are attractive microfiber material for a couch, though the material is somewhat hard to vacuum.

If you feel that kids and pets will give you a hard time maintain your sofa clean, you can alternatively get nice heavy duty corduroy or canvas slip cover for your seat. The cover will protect your sofa and when it gets smelly or too hairy; you simply pull it off and wash it. You can have such canvas or corduroy slip cover made for your seat or get a ready-made one. A little research on fabric selections can have both pets and kids enjoy the space.

This blog post was sponsored by Terry Fabrics.

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  1. We currently have a micro-fiber sofa witha dog who loves to stay on it. I use a brush a few times a week to rid it of KOSPI [the dog] hair. I think it defintely an easy fabric to maintain and have in a pet friendly home.
    Great post!
    ♥, Londa


    1. I have leather for my living furniture and it has held up fine with my cat who isn’t declawed. There are only a few scratches from her bring playful and that was recent. I simply keep a lent roller and a few quick swipes…..clean.

      Thx for the feedback


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