Indulge Daily 11.28.12


I’m not even a huge fan of hunter green but loving the lacquered ceiling. Two things, if you’re following my blog thru blog lovin’…accept my apologies. Sometimes I schedule posts…forget or fall asleep before I finished them and they end up publishing, forcing me to snatch it down. Had no clue blog lovin still has them up! So if you ever see a half @$$ed post or something unfinished.. that is why. 2ndly, I constantly get questions about the process of lacquered walls that I want to do a Design Inquiries post on it. If you know of a good site or detailed tidbits about creating the look, please send it to me in email or leave it in the comments. I need to compile as much info as I can so help from you would be appreciated.

{Designed by Thom Filicia}

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  1. jaxdecor says:

    Funny that you posted the picture because of the ceiling, but the first thing I noticed was the carpet! We’re all drawn to different things in a room design 🙂 The lacquered ceiling is really cool, and I’m loving the bright dining chairs in the next room 🙂


    1. Yes I actually noticed the rug 2nd lol


  2. Oh, I recently read a really detailed post on lacquered walls! I’m gonna try to find the link for you…Apparently it’s pretty complicated and therefore expensive 😦


    1. You are a lifesaver!! Thank you so much


  3. nicole says:

    TGIF chica! I’m pretty sure that aint no inexpensive venture but doesn’t it look fab? Here’s to an amazing weekend and to the Miami Heat continuing to kick #@$ through to the finals!


    1. I should block and report you to spam! Go bucks go! Lol have a great wknd…


      1. says:

        haters goin hate! Even the spam blockers are Heat fans mama. Recognize.


      2. Lol i like lebron. Cant stand dwade


  4. I love the rug . Not too crazy about the ceiling .


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