Five Ways to Hide Your Television…


Five Ways to Hide Your Television

With TVs getting larger, but also slimmer and lighter, people are taking advantage of a myriad of different ways to integrate their television into their interior design.  From TVs that seem to appear by magic to TVs that really do appear by magic, the only limit to where your TV set lives is in your imagination.


Wall Mounting

The classic way to stylishly present your TV is to attach it to the wall. Any wall that has space at eye level is suitable for Vogel Brackets and a wall-mounted TV. The astonishingly light weights recorded by modern sets mean that many people can actually complete the job themselves.

Arise TV

According to Joey from the world famous comedy series, Friends, “the TV that appears as if from nowhere” is a dream come true. Concealing your TV underground isn’t easy but hide it in a cabinet or sideboard for a great effect.


Reveal Yourself

Another clever way to cloak your TV when you are not using it is to conceal it behind a piece of wall art or mirror. This is very effective for mounted TVs and you’ll get great pleasure from clicking the button to reveal the TV. 


Get Down From There

The opposite of the rising TV is one that descends from the ceiling. Of all of our solutions this is the most expensive but also one of the most exciting.

Time For Bed

Just a few years ago, the TV bed was an obscure rarity such was the cost of the technology and the size of the sets. However, with TVs sizes now more amenable to bed sizes, the cost has come down. Perfect for cuddling up on a winter’s night.

Of course you want to show off your flash new TV set but with these flexible solutions you can transform your lounge from a stylish conversation area to a gorgeous home cinema with just the click of a button.

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  1. Just to add a # 6 to your beautiful settings check our Hidden Vision


  2. art tv says:

    I love all these tips on way to hide your tv………would really make your living room very beautiful..


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