Turkey day tabletop decor using free branches…from your yard….



One of my friends wanted some help with ideas on styling the table. I love bringing the outdoors in for the holidays and branches is something I used for an anniversary party too. I love the rustic look but I’m a glamdoll by nature so sparkly, glittery, metallic hues are a must. Gather branches from your yard or the park and spray paint them. Turkey day is all about family and I think those warm feelings we get calls for a warmer color scheme. So opt for browns, golds & bronze colors.


If you still have leaves on the bushes you can spray paint those as well. I like this look. Maybe a visit to the local Dollar Store will yield you some results. They always have a cheesy floral section. Spray paint those and place each stem in tiny vases. You can probably get some vases from Goodwills or thift stores for cheap. Don’t be afraid to use mismatched ones as varying heights adds visual interest. Besides, if you spray painted those, you will end up with a monochromatic look that’s sure to be impressive.


Feathers, dry foilage, branches will make for a nice centerpiece but put this on the food table because something so high will obstruct the view of guest. Nothing worse than not seeing who you’re talking to across the table.


How pretty would these look in a clear cylinder vase?..

Beautiful simple & modern tablescape…


Mason jars…I’m sure your grandmother has some. If not, Dollar stores sell them too. Get some glue and glitter and have a festive DIY vase to house flowers. Too messy? Then buy craft paper from Michael’s or Jo-ann fabric and cover the vases that way.


If you’re using cloth tablecovers, this would be a neat tradition to start. Have guests write what they’re thankful for. Every year people can read years past and truly reflect.


Taper candles ( also a Dollar store buy) will create the elegance and ambience you want for a thanksgiving dinner. Keep the candles fragrance free so as not to compete with the aromas of the meal.



Even if you’re setting a table buffet style and not doing place settings, at least place napkins with silverware in each spot. A feather & pear adds a nice touch. Use a sewing pin to attach a piece of craft paper like above of the name of who is sitting there…

This kind of only works at the dining table. If you need a neutral color here’s a tip. Use pillowcases. If the style of the chair has no arms, you can slip it over the backs….

Use charger plates to set up adult signature drinks…

Don’t forget to leave a comment to secure your entry for thr watercolor painting by Jessica of the Aestate in celebration of my 2 yrs of blogging. Click HERE for deets.

{Other images via Casa sugar, Eddie Ross, Honey We’re Home, & Colin Cowie}


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