The new tv stand, Dressers in living rooms Pt 1:chic alternatives to entertainment systems….


Nothing worse than seeing cords everywhere. If every gadget and electronic device could be cordless, interior designers everywhere would line up to kiss that inventor. But until then, let’s make sure our tvs have a beautiful piece of furniture to stand on. I for one, don’t mind a tv displayed in a room. Maybe I’m new school and an 80s baby but tvs front and center in the living room isn’t an issue for me like most designers. What was an issue is the ugly tv stands or entertainment systems that are rampant…


{Cock Cozy}
So I been noticing buffets, credenzas and dressers in living rooms and think it’s a great way to get the storage you need while being beautiful enough to compliment the rest of the furniture…


You can go all fab and hollywood glam with mirrored ones, modern with lacquered sleek looks or a nice wooden piece. But first, take inventory of what you have, everything that needs to get stored and what has cords. Because you may have to drill holes in the back for cord outlets. Also depending on how many dvds you have, you may want a crendenza with plenty of drawers versus the kind with 2 drawers and a bottom shelf…


{Sarah Catherine}
Love this entire space…


{Design Manifest}

Love the shelf styling above this tv…


Do you frown upon tvs in living rooms?

{see where to purchase items on the collages Here & Here}

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  1. says:

    No frowns here. TVs in living/family rooms are a necessity these days and I love to see em on a fab media unit. I started using buffets and dressers for em a few years ago as well. Mine sits atop a buffet and I used a buffet for this client:


    1. Oooh I like yours a lot! So much better than an entertainment system.


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