Guest Blogger: Eva Stephen of Shop 4 Furniture

{Diane Guariglia of Dyfari Interiors photographed here by Ric Marder}

Aqua Sizzle

There are many ways to decorate one’s bedroom. Horror movie fans might want to see werewolves and zombies on their bedroom walls, lovers of screaming colours would probably want to welcome red or purple into their sleeping chambers, but before making these bold choices, one should consider the following:


    • Bedroom is the place we get our good night’s sleep.
    • The comfort level in our bedroom is one of the factors that dictate how well and long we sleep; we all know we need at least 6-7 hours of night’s sleep for our health.
    • Bedroom is also the place we have special, intimate moments with our partners.


    In order to set the right mood for a well deserved rest after a long day, aggressive colours and images on our bedroom walls might not be the best idea. What spells out “soothing” in the language of bedroom décor are usually fine, circular lines, soft shapes, tender colours, cozy furniture and dimmed lights.

    Dive Into the Aquatic World of Dreams

    Many people choose to decorate their bedroom sea-world style. The humming of waves, mesmerizing shades of blue and the quietness of the underwater universe invoke peacefulness that is exactly what one needs before going to sleep.People with unlimited budget can practically bring the sea-world into their home. There are wonderful examples of fish tanks on people’s bedroom ceilings or walls. It is a glorious sight in dimmed lights, or in the dark, with the moonlight coming in.

    However, not all of us can afford giant aquariums in our homes, but there are inexpensive ways to simulate that peaceful world in the bedroom and enjoy its positive effects on our sleep and health. Here are a few examples of how you can start thinking about your bedroom redecoration:

    {ombre tutorial here}

      • The above image shows how we can paint our walls. Naturally, blue is the background colour like waves. You could paint ocean foam, subtle water bubbles or any gentle lines that will be pleasing to the eye.


      {Coastal Living}

      • If you take a look at these two photos, you’ll see how you don’t need any radical changes in your bedroom in order to get that aquatic look. You can only dress your bed in a light shade of blue and paint your walls some similar colour. Adding nice details, like those soft blue see-through drapes, is also a good and pretty inexpensive idea. Without much effort we get a very powerful aqua sizzle effect.



      • Adding details like this seahorse pillow in the photo, or perhaps some bold red pillows that would remind us of a beautiful coral reef is another idea how we can add more life to the bedroom.


      These are only a few examples of how you can go about decorating a very important part of your home. Once you start, just focus on how you want to feel in your bedroom, and ideas will just keep coming.

      The post is contributed by Eva Stephen on behalf of Shop 4 Furniture. Eva is in to home improvement industry for couple of years. She likes to write about her observations and experiences with the community.

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