Happy Halloween…


Annually I look forward to watching all the talk shows & their Halloween specials, the unique costumes, creative party ideas I can steal for clients…but it’s different this year. None of my shows on dvr has their usual. Everyone is in either postponing or just doing it next year. Shout out to any readers on the east coast. I hope you’re safe.


One thing I do love hearing is all the people focusing on the simplier things because they have no choice. Kids learning how to play card games, people picking up books to finish reading, romantic candlelit dinners…even if their meals was nothing more than chips & dip. It was nice seeing all the ways people are dealing with the power outages on instagram…


I know I didn’t prepare a post for cool shindig ideas in advance but pumpkins are still okay for the month of November. It’s harvest time so you can still snag a few non carved ideas to decorate some tablescapes for Thanksgiving…


You can usewashi tape & paint to color block or add geometric designs…


Glue sequins, rhinestones & ribbon…


I adore the calligraphy look…


Or glue studs & spikes…



Happy Decorating.

{Via Lacquer & Linen via Camille Styles & Refinery29, Craft o Maniac, Brunch at Saks}

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