Design Inquiries: where can I get that Moroccan Trellis rug?


Lynn who is in the process of renovating, has a rug left on her purchase list. She was inspired by the rug above from this post. So since Furbish no longer has it in stock, I rounded up the following…

Click here to see where to shop & prices…

Now often times the right rug isnt’t the right size. If it’s going under the bed, try this design tip: Don’t feel inclined to get the biggest rug so that several feet can skirt beyond the bed. For what? No one is going to see it as the bed is on top. Buy 2 or 3 smaller rugs, simply pushing it under the bed just enough to give the illusion of a bigger rug. You won’t have the square footage of a huge rug but it’ll save you money. Happy shopping Lynn.

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  1. Lindsay says:

    Also, check out I just bought a beautiful rug from there for a steal of a price!!


  2. Joy Harris says:

    If you are looking for Morrocan Trellis Rug, so i would suggest you, i seen various rugs at


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