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Yeah I’m super duper late but I been on instagram now for about 2 months. Here are some pics and other random pictures I’ve added to a collage. Top Left to right: watching aaron rodgers pass his 6th touchdown, fall decor outside my grandma’s sister’s nursing home, the thing I hate about fall…wet leaves on my car Middle: pretty trees at a park, dinner I cooked..pork chops smothered in cream of mushroom soup, asparagus, & loaded mashed potatoes, a pretty purple necklace I shouldn’t have left at TJmaxx Bottom: my cat sleeping, a novel I got from Dollar Tree that I’m reading, & more reasons to love Wisconsin in the fall


Top: ring I rocked today, the way I felt earlier, a sparkly cocktail ring & merlot hued nails Middle: a friday beverage finished off, a gloomy rainy Saturday spent watching scary movies, told yall I’m a jewelry junkie Bottom: fab jackets at my fav store Target, a pretty leopard as my background at work, best part of magazines is the freebies and samples Follow me @ indulgendesign

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