You don’t understand the happiness I get when I see plum hued sofas…


Or grape chairs or any shade of purple in upholstery. A nice contrast to the white piece. This is also a good idea for families. You know that one family member who has the white room all decked out in its monochromatic pureness? And then said family member dares someone to step foot in it as the room is for visual eye candy only. Well, if they took a cue from this room and added a darker richer tone, they could actually enjoy their space. Just make everyone sit on the couch with color. Instead of a solid white rug, opt for one that has some color patterns. That way the room can actually function and not feel like a museum.


{Nuevo estilo as seen on delight by design}

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  1. Eclectic A says:

    Love this post because 1) purple is my favorite color and 2) I’ve always wanted a white or purple sofa but never thought of getting both. Now I MUST get both. One day.


    1. It’s so many things I blog about that’ s on my “one day” list lol


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