Remember when I posted this gray & purple room…

In the geometric decor post? Well here’s the rest of the home designed by Amanda Nisbet…

The felt blue walls gives the room warmth and a coziness that I love. The jewel tones are so rich and vibrant. It reminds me of this glamorous home. The classic chesterfield sofa with nailhead trim looks stunning against the purple chair. And my fav, the herringbone wooden floors. I would swap out the art for something abstract and move riiight in.


The magenta silk wallpaper is a bold and beautiful choice grounded by the black in the table and rug…



The living space below has ample seating & more textures and softness in the velvet tufted benched styled sofa. Doing something I blogged about here, she provided even more seating in front of the fireplace without blocking the focal point. the only thing I would change is the tables and would have loved to see one giant square shaped table for coffee table book styling. Other than that and maybe a different choice for lighting, I love it.

Since kitchens are big areas for congregating, she used benched styled seating again which gives a relaxed cozy vibe in a stylish way. Again, tufted upholstery is carried through out the home.

I like a home that feels glamorous because that’s my ideal perfect aesthetic but it has to be livable and comfortable. No sense if being all pretty but feeling as if you can’t touch anything or walk anywhere. I think Amanda did a great job in making the home, feel like a home without lacking style.

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