Contemporary Furniture Heroes: Charles Eames

Contemporary Furniture Heroes: Charles Eames

So far as contemporary furniture design is concerned, few names are more synonymous with this field than that of Charles Eames and he is rightly considered as one of the very best in the business courtesy of his wide range of eclectic and stylish contemporary furniture. Although, whilst Charles Eames is regularly seen as a sole designer of furniture, he actually worked principally alongside his wife, Ray, to create some of the most impressive pieces of contemporary furniture for which he is most famed.The type of furniture created by Eames is highly distinctive and his styles are regularly replicated by bespoke furniture retailers today and this is testament to the popularity and universality of his pieces in a career which spanned over four decades. He was born in America in 1907 and went on to craft some of the most eye-catching chairs to ever have hit the market both at their time of working and today.Let’s take a look a look at some of the most memorable contemporary furniture designed by Charles Eames and his wife below:                                            




For fans of designer luxury chairs, tables and furniture in general, it is impossible not to have come across a Charles Eames original or something which has taken its inspiration from his icon designs. It is now more commonplace to buy furniture online as more and more consumers are seeking to find furniture which is less mainstream and won’t be found on every high street across the country. That’s why designers such as Charles Eames are so important because they have dared to think outside the box with their designs in times when this sort of furniture would have been considered revolutionary. Charles Eames furniture has enjoyed popularity for many a decade now and the appeal of his creations shows little sign of abating any time soon. Whether you’re looking to furnish your lounge, kitchen or bedroom with minimalist, contemporary style furniture, then you’ll certainly find many items that will fit the bill amongst Charles Eames exceptional designs. 

Article written by Leo Parker. All above images are used courtesy of SwivelUK

To go along with the guest post today, I wanted to find a few interiors with his designs.


Contemporary Bedroom design by Dallas Interior Designer Catherine Dolen & Associates



{herman miller}


Thanks Leo for the history lesson!

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  1. This is the best example of well furnished home.Furniture plays a significant role in home decor. Whether you think of interior or exterior, well design furniture adds some charm for your decorating your home beautifully. So if you are thinking of to renovate your home then buy some lucrative furniture to get noticed by everyone.


  2. Eames Chairs says:

    I think the fact that there are so many reproductions of these calssic designs – adapted and tweaked using different colours and materials shows just how popular, inspirational and iconic Eames is in furniture design today. You show some great examples of the furniture in situ, and how timeless and clean they look in most settings.


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