QOTD: what are you sick of in decor & design?


{Photographed by Victoria Will}

Haven’t done a QOTD in awhile. When I came across this pretty almost perfect teal hallway, it got me thinking. We all don’t like every single trendy thing that makes it’s way to published interiors everywhere, so I ask, what are you sick of seeing? Or what trend never floated your boat or rocked your cradle?

For me, I loved sea urchin decor, especially in lighting but it is everywhere. And I’m tired of it. I have even been reluctant to feature a room that had it in recent weeks. I was going to even crop out the whole top part of the image above just to use it without rolling my eyes at the lightning. I even rolled my eyes at the real life aea urchins that were at the georgia aquarium 3 wks ago.


Yep, that was me touching starfish. I guess the little sea critters have to get some shine too considering how popular their friends are in coastal design…


However, despite my annoyance, it’s my frugal design goddess duties to give you an easy diy tutorial to get the look with styrofoam balls & tooth picks spray painted. Thank me later.


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  1. nicole says:

    sick of Chevron. Sick of those mooseheads above mantels – I mean, why would I want to look at that poor imitation of an animal’s head all day long or subject my clients to said head? Just OVA them both.


    1. Lololol. I still love me chevron but I never got into mooseheads or any animal for that matter. I don’t agree with hunting so glad to see other versions but not my taste (tho I did dig the one in my geometric post)


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