Random Pretty Pics: Traveling photography! Sooo I’m sitting in the airport chillin…


I am going to Atlanta for my birthday…the dirty 30s. My youth lasts only 2 more days. Not even. But why did I end up getting an allergic reaction to new lip gloss? My top lip is swollen like daffy duck. It’s going down now only because I went to my dr first thing in the morning. So that put a lil damper on my trip…


It’s funny because 3 yrs ago on this date, Sept 19th, I injured myself exercising and had to go to ER. I am convinced I’m cursed lol. THE HEX….*carlton from fresh prince voice*.


The ride to the airport consisted of my poor cat crying the entire way. I struggled getting her in the carrying cage. My dad will watch her while I’m gone…


So after I get settled in… I may be able to schedule a blog or two for the next few days. If not…don’t hold it against me. I’ll be back in Milwaukee Sunday and back in action…

Honestly this whole babbling was simply to share some pretty travel photography…lol. follow me on instagram @ design_indulgencesy…

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday!!! Hope it was a good one! xo


  2. Eclectic A says:

    Have a wonderful birthday weekend! Enjoy Atlanta and have a safe trip.


    1. Thx for the bday wish. Sorry I’m late with my manners lol


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