A couple home tours I like….


So I came across this interior on Nuevo Estilo. I like the pops of mustard and teal, the black fireplace, letters for decor, sitting nooks and vases with leafy stems.



Osborn Architects designed the following. There are some other rooms from this home circulating the net but these rooms are new to me…


Glass, wood and steel. I LOVE it and this is coming from someone who generally cringes as the sight of any wooden walls. The same stain of wood from the walls to the chairs & those fabulous lighting pendants create a cohesive feeling. Score a similar fixture here


Bringing the outdoors in, this is a different take on rustic. See the other two posts I’ve ever done on wooden walls here & here


Love the nightstand and the bright door hue…


I could totally see myself relaxing in this seating space. The hardness of the concrete walls is softened by the softness of the velvet chairs. That abstract piece is awfully nice too. You can see the rest of the home on Rex Kelly. You’ll probably recognize some of the others which are more popular. Do you like those more or the ones I like?

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  1. I love the bold colors of each room! Thanks for featuring me on your blogroll! 🙂


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