Upper and Lower cabinet colors….


With kitchen design there is an endless opportunity to make yours stand out. Injecting color doesn’t have to stop with tile, flooring and accessories. We all have seen really bright cabinets but what is one to do if they like the bold look…just not so bold enough to have all cabinets that way?


Maybe consider going bold on the uppers or bottoms. I like this idea so I rounded up some inspiration for you. In a way, it’s sorta color blocking…







Do you like this and would you suggest this for a client or do it in your own space? If yay, do you prefer the bold or darker color on top or bottom? I like the bottom heavy look personally.

{Via design crisis, designer David Oldroyd via the Style Saloniste, Apt therapy’s The Kitchn, designers Natalie Cutler & Pae White for Cutler DC, Bhg, & the Aestate tumblr}

One Comment Add yours

  1. Randi says:

    Loving the idea. Bold look on bottom for sure!


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