Glamour kitchen & baths with metallic tile…


Stunning and glamorous. I could live with something this fab as my everyday bath, let alone a powder room…


Yes I know this gold indulgence isn’t tile but the fronts of cabinets. Still stunning…

Most of the silver tile is paired with carrara marble as the gray veins compliment well. It’s funny because marble is timeless and classic and metallic is very trendy in fashion and decor.


I guess the decision is whether you want a cool calming vibe or a warm feeling. Because depending on your preference and how you want to feel within the space will determine which side of the spectrum you go with. Golds are associated with abundance and wealth…think Donald Trump. It can also be very gaudy. Think…Donald Trump. If you want a modern and sleek feel and don’t mind the coldness some associate with it, then silver and chrome is for you.


Yes…again no metallic tile but the tub is silver. This looks like something out of a movie. Like it’s too unreal to be someone’s bathroom interior in real life…


{Will cite later}

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  1. Love this. Those mirrored subway tiles are SICK


  2. Hi, just wanted to mention, I loved this post. It was helpful.

    Keep on posting!


  3. Haley says:

    Hi can you please site the last image? I would like to use it and site the original source.


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