Beautifully designed and styled offices of the people who work closely with the Kardashians….


“We started with the office of Liz Killmond, who focuses specifically on the business affairs of Kris’ youngest daughters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner.”


“To keep her office sleek, dramatic and sharp, Liz’s walls were covered in a black and silver-striped wallcovering by Graham & Brown with flocked detail, then brightened with cobalt blue accessories.”


Pretty & functional bookshelf styling. Adding pictures and leaning art personalizes a workspace. Always surround yourself especially your work environment items and images of things that make you happy.


“Next came the office of Noelle Keshishian who, in addition to working on marketing for Kris Jenner, is also involved with marketing and business affairs of her three adult daughters—Kim, Khloe and Kourtney—as well as the marketing of dozens of Kardashian-related products.” The Moroccan-inspired pattern of her black-and-silver Graham & Brown wallcovering can be bought here


“The solution? Switching the hot pink out for plum accessories from the adjacent spaces.The third and final office was designed as a work space for new employees who’ll eventually come aboard as Jenner Communications continues to grow. To keep it as neutral as the others, I covered the walls in a Kelly Hoppen geometric called “Hicks” from Graham & Brown, then stuck with mostly traditional-style furnishings, enhanced vibrantly with accents of violet.”


So purple hues compliment the earth tones of this neutral space.
View entire article on atlanta homes mag.

{designed by Brian Patrick Flynn photography by Sarah Dorio, courtesy of HGTV}

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