Sometimes you don’t need art, you just need a frame…

Whether it’s a layering effect to create a sculptural wall piece or a collage in a gallery wall way, decorating with frames is one of my favorite wall decor ideas. And it’s cost-effective as you can scour rummage sales & with a little spray paint, create an impact…



{Living with Lindsay, A Home in the Making}

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  1. Nicole White says:

    Saw this trend at Forever21 last year and loved it ever since. Gotta try it in a project soon.


    1. Cool! Don’t you love when stores have displays you wanna mimick?


  2. The overlapping squares are my favs!


  3. I love this ! Probably because I have a wall like this in my home . I used three different covers and layered them to make a beautiful wall sculpture . Some people like it and others don’t , But it’s my wall and I love it .


    1. Yes it’s your home and you live in it so do what makes you happy!


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