Change your bathroom medicine cabinet into a decorative mirror to jazz it up a notch…


Started not to post this as I’ve compiled the images and then stumbled upon this very same post on House & Home. Don’t you hate that? I know it’s bound to happen…repeating topics your favs or others have already blogged about. It happens a ton for me because I usually compile images for awhile before posting & then so & so does a blog on the very topic.


But oh well. This is something that needs to be discussed after seeing countless ugly med cabinets in people’s bathrooms. Don’t they know they can be snatched out and replaced by something fabulous? When my brother and I remodeled my parent’s bathroom, I knew there wasn’t anything I wanted more to do than to take that god awful cabinet out. Places like TJMaxx, Marshalls even Lowes have a number of styles for affordable prices…


When selling a home, stick with something less ornate and more neutral and streamlined so you appeal to most buyers….


But if you’re doing it in your own home, go all out. It’s a fairly inexpensive change should you get sick of it down the line…


Too scared? Than try this in a powder room or half bath…


{Images via Decor Demon, Rue Mag, Jack Thompson via country living}

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