Tuesday’s Tips: Paint laminate countertops for a cheap transformation


Hate the blush hued pink bathroom counter in your new home? Or the terrible….turrible yes, TURRIBLE olive green color in the kitchen? If you can’t live with it any longer but don’t quite have it in the budget to to go carerra marble’d out then consider painting those laminates…





From what I gathered in reviews, High Gloss isn’t very forgiving and a DIYer said theirs still shows brush strokes where the light hits. People voiced concerns about painting around the sinks but you just need to be careful to get the tape right on the lip of the stainless steel. When the paint dries, take a razor and cut the crease to ensure no paint is pulled off or ruined. For cutting boards, use felt stickers for the bottom to prevent scratching. Obviously this isn’t meant for chefs to chop directly on the surface so if that’s how you get down in the kitchen…then maybe this aint for you!





I like it. But I’m biased because my favorite color is black. All black everything. Wearing black now. On. 90 degree day in August. Anyway have any of you done this? If so I’d love to hear reviews. Did you really have to repaint 2x a year or use a sealant intended for commercial use?

{Images via The Kitchn & high gloss tutorial via Remodelaholic, & other instructionals via HGTV & Budget Decorating & Girl in the Gray as seen on Belle Maison}


8 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tips: Paint laminate countertops for a cheap transformation

  1. Is it a good idea really? I mean, I’d imagine the laminate would chip EASILY – and especially in a kitchen, that’s a no-no. What’s ideal for application? Sanding the plastic laminate to rough up the surface for better application? What kind of sealant do you have to use?


    1. Those details I don’t know. One would have to weigh pros and cons and read people’s opinions who actually have done it before making a decision. I think for someone that doesn’t cook often, this could be okay.


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