Design Inquiries: Where to get vinyl records as seen on the Rock Glam themed shindig post


Andrea loved the rock n roll themed party I blogged about and wanted to know where to purchase 12″ ones (not 45s that were used for that party, purchased on ebay). I went to the original source and browsed other parties that used records and found majority of the people scoured thrift & cosignment stores, goodwills & yard sales. I told her to peer into Craigslist as they have local rummage sale postings and most people say exactly what they’re selling. She may get lucky that way. Also to check ebay and etsy and maybe even record stores. If you’re okay with faux albums, party supply stores are huge with rock n roll & 80s themed decor. If all fails, ask an older relative who played records in their day. You never know what stash is in someone’s basement or garage. Hope this helps!

** if you have any design related questions, feel free to send me an email. Yours may appear here. See past Design Inquiries**

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