Toilet Lid Styling…yep I’m going there…


With apartment living, our space is very limited usually when it comes to bathrooms. I already discussed how to use stools for extra surface space alongside the tub. Now I’m showing you how to use that porcelain throne to use…besides…the obvious. The lids are perfect for storing key essentials that you use on a daily basis. It frees up sink space & when using trays, it can be quite stylish.


The key is figuring out what you need to leave out. Nothing worse than seeing a million products cluttering ones bathroom. Yeah, I’m probably talking about YOU. But if you must have certain things within arms reach because it’s too much of an inconvenience to open the cabinet & remove it daily then leave it out. Just group them on a pretty tray because they confine chaos…


Maybe even consider removing the product and putting it inside prettier containers…


Add flowers or a decorative lacquered box to hide smaller objects like bobby pins and toothpaste…


I always thought it was odd to have books in the bath. I mean…how much time you plan to spend there that you need to be entertained? Anyway I guess if you’re taking a bubble bath it makes sense so stack them pyramid style & place a decorative object on top.



A framed photo…a martini glass with cotton swabs…whatever. Just make it look cute….


Whatever you do, just make sure to close the lid before you flush. Prevent as many germs as you can from attaching themselves to these pretty arranged products you plan on using. A segment on Dr Oz forever changed me. I’ll leave it at that :-).

**citing sources later**


5 thoughts on “Toilet Lid Styling…yep I’m going there…

  1. Great idea! I purchased some floating shelves to go above the toilet in our master bath. I have the perfect tray to place on top of the toilet to complete the look. Thanks for ” going there,” lol. It’s such an underutilized space that most over look.


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