Tuesday’s Tips: 5 cool ways to repurpose a ladder (hoping some are new to you too)


Yeah yeah yeah we’ve all seen images of ladders used for magazines, as a bookshelf, and for towels in the bathroom. These ideas are fairly new to me so hoping one will at least be new to you. Using ready made shelves of wood across makes for some neat pantry styled storage…


I love this idea for a closet…


Using them for shoes is excellent! It maximizes vertical space, takes up minimal room and reminds me of using ledges and molding


Although I love the idea, this would irk me as I wear all long necklaces and never take the time to clasp them. I simply pull them over my head. So to do so when storing them would be annoying for me. But still a good idea…


Tired of letting clothes air dry over the shower? Do this. Were any of these ideas new to you? Which is your fav?

{Images via Her Blog, York Blog, Inspiration for Home}

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Cathy Swider says:

    I like the red ladder in the kitchen
    Although I think an even better version of it ,
    Especially for summer is to set it up outside with picnic utensils, condiments mixed in with candle lanterns!


    1. That’s an excellent idea!!


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