Another round of interiors I like from everyday people..


One of the things I enjoy is coming across a person, often times not taught in design, one who isn’t working in the industry but has an innate taste for beautiful aesthetics and details. So here is a round-up of some I came across recently and why I enjoy their spaces. Above the warm walls with the milky white baseboard and contrasting bright bubblegum pink dresser is fab to me. It’s not the color pink I like, it’s jazzing up something old to make it new…


The same black & white window treatments can be found thru the home. I love the peach hued door…


Checkerboard floors are classic and I like the curved details under the cabinet and the ceiling. See more of the home here.


A glittered dresser? I like. I wouldn’t do it but I like it. I also like the bar tray and other details…


Framing momentos is something I think everyone should do. Here is Aretha Franklin’s list of spiritual “rules”. The blogger of Lost Art of Being a Dame says “I want to look around and feel delighted.” What a great words to live by…


Love this uphoolstered chair and the funky pillow…


Now I’m no fan of tchotchkes because it’s more things to collect dust and it tends to be very cluttered. But…I appreciate her color coordinating the shelves to give it a more organized look. So the what-nots don’t bother me here. I’m sure they have meaning…


Her kitchen is quite different in comparison to the rest of her home. It’s minimal, sleek, glam and modern. Love the chandelier and lucite hardware. Nothing changes a space for a cabinets more than hardware (and color). It’s also something one can do in a rental. You’ll just have to replace them with the originals when you move…

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