Monday Morning Inspiration 7.16.12



I cringe when people dimenish our industry as decorating. Even decorators don’t just decorate. It’s a lot more than the average person realizes when it comes to design and working with a client. The psychological aspect of it all is very much present. Sometimes a space can change our moods especially if it’s too cluttered. Trying to rest or sleep when you see the disorganization and things that need to be tackled can prove difficult. Certain colors effects a person. It’s true about the depressed and using the color blue.

{Via Domino}

Warm & cool hues affect our bodies whether you believe it or not. It can also efffect our behavior. How many times do we gush about bright office spaces and how it would inspire you to be creative? Often times a very dull color or space is detrimental to one’s progress. Even schools try to use colors that promote alertness. We have to create positive links between people and their environment. That’s just one example. It’s so much more than making something look “cute”.

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  1. I couldn’t have said it better myself. People that don’t appreciate a well designed space have obviously never lived in one.


    1. Good point. Not to mention…it takes architects AND designers to do those fab hotels they stay in, restaurants they dine in, airports they travel thru etc.


  2. Let the choir say Amen! Preach it sista.


  3. Nicole White says:

    The Pinkeggshell had a lively discussion about said topic last week:


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