Tuesday’s Tips: Hide thermostats, firepulls & alarms with hinged canvas art…


See detailed via about hinging canvas to the wall to hide unsightly eyesores. I think it’s an excellent idea. Micheal’s always have sales on their canvases and you can use 40% coupons if they’re regular priced. I thought the gallery wall below is fitting for this post because it’s an entry way area which is usually where the eyesores are located…

{Tater Tots and Jello}

If you have shoe boxes lying around, maybe use the lids as a “canvas” and paint them and arrange in a way to cover whatever needs covering.

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  1. Monique says:

    Brilliant idea! Where are the white frames from? Love those too!


    1. Carol says:

      Can you please let me know where these frames are from also. Thanks!


  2. T Green says:

    This looks awesome! However, the thermostat is what regulates you heating and cooling. If air can’t get to it, those systems can’t work properly. Also, if the building has fire pulls, and such, it is most likely a commercial building. Fire codes would not allow them to be covered.


  3. Kim Samse says:

    I agree with T Green 100% The thermostat would not work properly if covered and it’s against firecode to cover fire pulls and fire alarms.

    K Samse


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