Love coming across other blogger’s design work…


So last night when I got home I wanted to make a point in visiting my fav blogs & seeing where traffic is coming from to my blog so I could visit those sites. One that has been in support of my blog is Blanco Interiores. That’s right! I believe it’s in Spanish so I have to use the translator helper to enjoy it. I was pleasantly surprised to come upon a few recent projects of hers. This was my fav. A cool color scheme of yellow, white & gray with a minimalistic approach. Editing was careful and you can really appreciate what was left to accessorize this modern room…


Love the art….no pun intended…..


Great idea to use a buffet or credenza to separate an open space from the dining to living room. It prevents an apartment or home from feeling like one big room which can be difficult for some people to decorate around…


I don’t have a problem with plasmas being in full view. I’m a huge tv (dvr) watcher so this doesn’t bother me. I know…shocking for a designer to say. As long as cords are hidden, as they are above, it’s fine. I think the bigger point is making sure you have stylish furniture for the tv to sit on. Nothing worse than a traditional entertainment system with all the dvd players, surround sound and other devices shown. Now THAT irks me. However, you can view my post on camouflaging tvs


But what stole the show for me is the chevron planters. I can envision these in someone’s backyard or even a restaurant. Nice job. To see more click here.

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  1. angela cunha says:

    Hello Myrna, Angela Cunha from Blanco Interiores, here! I’m so happy you like my job enough to featuring it in your blog, thanks so much. Actually, I have to tell you Blanco Interiores, is a portuguese blog, and I’m so glad to see you enjoy it so much, that you make the effort to translate it, so you can read it. However I wright all my posts in english and portuguese (the paragrahps in color are the ones in english). Again thanks so much for everything, I will keep, as always, a window in my blog, for yours, because, your blog is a “must read” for me! Love, Angela


    1. ooooooooh I could have sworn I clicked the translate button but I have done so on a few sites so maybe got confused. Thanks so much for the support.


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