I so wish I owned property to do one of these in my yard…


{House & Garden Magazine}
It has been scorching here in Milwaukee. I don’t remember a late Spring & early Summer starting off this hot & humid. Usually it takes until July & August. But yesterday alone was 96 with indices at 103 & 108 (by my job). The dew point was in the 70s. Extremely muggy & hard to breathe which I dislike. However I do love hot days cuz that means hot nights and I’m a night owl :-). If only I had the space to entertain and chill leisurely. The above space is so cozy yet tailored & chic. I love all the potted greenery…

{Elle Decor}
Love the star shaped tables and tribal print pillows. Perfect for lounging around and evoking a casual atmosphere…

But having some shade relief would be a must. I like this because it reminds me of blinds…

This courtyard area is designed nicely for a deck. I could have some dinner parties with outdoor string lights to make set the mood…


A traditional fireplace (with a plasma) would be ideal for times when you want to catch something on tv but don’t want to dvr it or go inside…

{Desire to Inspire}
And for those nights that are a bit chillier, I could go for a modern firepit. I could literally pick so much from all of the outdoor living posts I’ve done. See more here& daydream with me…

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  1. These are awesome. Especially that first one, omg.


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