Would you give your walls color by painting them this way?


{Marcus Hay for Kimberly Steward/Kess Agency, photographed by Jonny Valiant via Mimi & Meg}

Some people feel you should paint all walls the same color. Others prefer an accent wall. What about the ceiling or pretending the wall has a chair rail? Would you duplicate any of the looks here? The above adds color to only the shorter walls which is smart when you want to do something bold without being overwhelmed…

{Rona Mag}
Painting this ceiling is an unexpected surprise…







5 thoughts on “Would you give your walls color by painting them this way?

  1. I would totally duplicate the looks
    And I am surprised myself that my favorite may just be the bathroom with pink ceiling
    What a breath of fresh air!
    The pretend chair rail idea seems to be particularly effective with a shockingly strong color contrasted against the laundry fresh white
    Your gathering of ideas are consistently intriguing
    Thanks for the burst of inspiration!


    1. thank you so very much. I try to pick images that I don’t see on my fav blogs which are very popular. If I do, I like to combine them with other images new to me so I appreciate the feedback.


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