Random Pretty Pics: Kiss & Makeup…

I came across this on Pinterest and realized I haven’t done another Random Pretty post. So here goes. This one is beauty related with a lot of emphasis on the lips. My friend gave me some lip gloss in a mulberry hue that she never wore and it was hard for me to get used to it despite the compliments. I’m used to doing a nude gloss but these pics make me want to try something different for these soup coolaz (big lips) :-).

{Kim Kardashian}

Are you a lip gloss or lip stick kind of girl? What brands or hues do you prefer?

{images via my Kiss & Makeup board on Pinterest}

3 Comments Add yours

  1. These pics just blows my mind! I’m a HUGE lipstick fan! Never leave the house without it (or one in each pocket and three in my bag lol). Thank you for the inspiration, I need to try on some of these cute styles =)

    xox Linda


    1. Yes I feel naked without my gloss!


  2. Shermika says:

    I love going on Pinterest and getting ideas. These lip colors are hot!


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