Graduation Party Ideas…


I went to my lil cousin’s high school graduation last night (he’s going to the Army) and it got me thinking of ways to decorate these celebrations. What better than using the books you bought (if in college) or get some for cheap at the Goodwill or borrow them from the library. If you buy, tear out the pages & make runners for the tables or stack them up along the wall as a backdrop to a food spread. Use books and ribbon to elevate heights of platters for the tablescape & stream some as a banner. Gather images from childhood to this moment or just the high school or college years and form the year they’re graduating on the wall. In this case it would be 12. It’s a great way to laugh and take a walk down memory lane…




{Images via Martha Stewart, Tip Junkie & <a href="Bugger Dix Online“>via}

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Adry says:

    Wow! Love the table runner idea! and the pink books are so pretty!


  2. Design says:

    I think the table runner is a really classic and unique way to tie in graduation especially if it’s a university graduate.


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