Guest Blogger Hollie from Fashion for Home on finding inspiration from browsing design furniture sites

Fashion for Home

The above are my favs from Fashion For Home. Read on as Hollie tells us how to find Interior Design Inspiration from Browsing Designer Furniture Websites…

When deciding to re-decorate your home, the amount of choice out there can be overwhelming. You either have a million ideas and no idea on how to integrate them, or you’re stuck for ideas entirely and don’t even know where to begin.

A great way to find some inspiration is to browse furniture websites. As simple as it may sound, there really is no better place to start streamlining your ideas. The rooms pictured on these websites are invariably dressed by professional designers who understand the ways in which fabrics, colours and texture can be utilised to perfectly complement any living space.

The mind responds to colour, it significantly affects our mood, experience and overall impression of a room. For example, have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt at ease, without being entirely certain why? Chances are that you’ve simply entered an environment where colour and space have been utilised to full effect.

So where to begin?


What do you first notice about this living space? The colours used are predominantly neutral beiges and browns, thus creating a natural and relaxed environment. The odd splash of rich, warm red and soft baby blues used in the accessories provide some eye-catching detail, lifting the whole room and making elements of it ‘pop’. The use of geometric lines gives the room an un-cluttered and contemporary feel.



Current trends include a nod to retro 60s and 70s style and this room utilises this to full effect. Fluffy and luxurious rugs, inspired by the shag-piles of the 70s are proving to be particularly popular, and can add a real sense of comfort and depth to almost any room. (for more examples of retro furniture, click here)


However, if you prefer a more traditional approach to interior design then this dining room is a perfect example of how a classical look can be both timeless and contemporary . The simplicity and minimalism of the design gives the room a fresh, yet peaceful feel. The space appears open and airy, allowing in plenty of light and proving the old adage that sometimes less is definitely more.



The effective use of light in any living space cannot be underestimated. A well-lit room gives the impression of size and space, and whilst not every room has an abundance of natural light, there are ways to create this illusion. Mirrors are not just a stylish addition to the design of a room, when strategically placed they reflect what natural light there is, and can make small rooms appear much larger.

A well-designed room is essential to promote good health, relaxation and an overall sense of well-being.

Although few of us have the money to pay for a professional designer, furniture websites like Fashion For Home provide a very real way in which to focus your ideas, and inspire you with new ones.

This is a contribution from Hollie, on behalf of, a leading UK online designer furniture store. Follow Fashion For Home on Twitter.

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