Save those shoe boxes & here’s why it benefits closet design…


You’re browsing the shoe store. You spot some 4″ stilettos you gotta have. You spot the perfect wedge platforms you can rock with that new maxi dress. Then slowly your eyes covers several other pairs your pockets will afford you. Then at the register you politely tell the cashier “you can keep the boxes”. Sound familiar? Well maybe you should. One thing that kind of irks me is when one doesn’t have a custom closet & shoes lined up in one sad continuous row. Having a box…or two in the mix elevates shoes & just looks better visually. In my opinion….


But I never thought about shoe boxes storing anything other than cash (not I…but I’ve seen it before). Here’s an idea. Line the bottoms with satin or velvet fabric. Roll your belts and fit them in alongside each other honeycomb style. Or lay your necklaces and jewelry in each and use like their jewelry box drawers. Store watches, broaches or anything smaller or flatter on shoe box lids for easier visibility. Basically the lids can act as trays to organize sunglasses etc. And the best part…they’re free. Except for….the price of the shoes.

{Images via The Covetuer}

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