Spring Cleaning: Color Coordinating your closet…


When you are in search of that black shirt or need something pink, you’re better off finding it in your closet if everything is group in the same color scheme….


Not to mention it just looks visually pleasing to have everything color coordinated because it gives a boutique feel. It’ll make you feel like your shopping your own stuff…



Group purses and shoes in the same hues as well. You’ll know exactly where to look when you’re in a rush….


If you have an open wardrobe, color coordinating your closet will feel less cluttered. Imagine this if everything was hung any which-a-way…


This isn’t something only women can benefit from…men can do as well….


While we’re on it. If you have wire hangers, please get rid of them. Nothing looks worse than clothes hung on wires. Marshalls and Tjmaxx usually have good prices for wooden hangers. Or if you have a lot of blouses, try those felt hangers because then you won’t have to worry about anything falling off….


See how much nicer this feels? In order to ensure you’re actually wearing the clothes, put them back with the the hanger facing you. If in 6 months or a year, the garment is still facing that way then you know you haven’t been wearing it. Donate, sell or trash. Click here to see the demonstration if I confused you…



Now you can also do this for your drawers. I actually don’t have majority of my clothes hung but I do keep the drawers organized this way. For me I often am in the mood to wear something of a specific hue so it works best for me to know where to look…

{Images via In Style snapshots, Mr. Goodwill Hunting, Design Love Fest, & my Pinterest‘s storage board}

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  1. Color-coordinated is the best way to go! Now if I can just get motivated to tackle my already-color-coordinated closet and de-clutter… Thanks for the nudge!


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