Tuesday’s Tips: Ways to prevent your home from feeling heavy with furniture but light and airy…

Use furniture on legs. When pieces are low to the ground, it feels heavier. When furniture is on legs it feels lighter because you can see under that table or under that sofa and it feels like you have more space…


Use opened bookshelves. When you can see the wall or through a shelving unit, it feels more open…because it is. Bookcases closed in feels just that….closed. Although lovely, it’s probably not the route you want to go with when you live in confined spaces…


Lucite and acrylic pieces is by far the best way to keep things light. Another great use for them is because you can actually see the entire rug you pay all that money for. Nothing worse than paying for sq footage of rugs and having several feet of it under sofas, chairs and coffee tables. Not an issue when you use lucite.

{Pink Wallpaper Design}
Remove doors and embrace the floating shelves. Especially for galley kitchens, if you remove the doors on the upper cabinets, it’ll make the kitch feel wider.

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  1. Great tips, couldn’t agree more. I love that living room and that bar!


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