Sponsor Spotlight: Case Design Inc


I just want to formally welcome my first sponsor. It’s an honor and privilege that it’s coming from a remodeling company considering my first design project as a college student was my parent’s rec room after they suffered a flood. My brother and I did a complete remodel. So I have a weakness for complete gutted transformations. But this isn’t about me. This is about Case Design/Remodeling Incwhich isa full-service residential remodeling company servicing the greater DC metro area with 50 years of experience.

Along with experienced designers to find the best solutions for your style, needs and budget, the Case Idea Center helps clients gather ideas for their project. The center highlights design trends and materials for kitchens, baths, interior and exterior, colors, products and creative ideas for space planning. They even have complimentary seminars to get your creative juices flowing. Below are some of my favorite remodels


I love a sleek kitchen and these cabinets are just that. The hardware is exactly what I want for my place when I purchase a condo. (Design tip: even if you rent, you can totally personalize the kitchen by removing old hardware. Simply take them off when you move out and carry them to your next spot).


I like the fact that the column is enclosed in brick. They turned something that’s an eyesore into a neat feature…





For more information please visit Case Design’s Portfolio . Also follow them on Pinterest & Twitter & like their Facebook page. Also check out the pros and cons of Open Floor Plans.


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